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Dolphin Whale Sacred Heart Message
January 2012

There is a new Portal opening that has been revealed since the 11-11-11 date.  This new Celestial Earth-Space Portal allows us to live within the energy of the Sacred Heart space.  The intelligence and purity of the Sacred Heart represents living in truth, integrity and peace while remaining neutral and non-reactive to all others.  It a place of center and knowing that you are in touch with pure states of quantum potential.  From this place of the sacred heart, we create without polarity and from a place of true and authentic “Creatorship.”  When we drop into our Sacred Heart we are in alignment with the energy and consciousness of the Whale and Dolphin matrix.  Within this sacred energy we can change or alter our reality a mere heartbeat.  The Whales and Dolphins call this “Conscious Creation” accessed through exercising “Intention Evolution.”

The opening of the 11-11-11 has allowed Earth and her inhabitants to receive the codes of creation from the Whales.  These codes are intimately united to the harmonics of the 12-12-11.  They are coded to activate the codes within our cellular DNA matrix that allow us deeper understanding and use of our Divine Cosmic Life Blueprint.  The Whales and Dolphins are happy to assist us in preparing and in receiving these crystalline transmissions that will activate from the space of our Sacred Hearts. 

The Whales and Dolphins advise you to move deep into your Sacred Heart space every day in the morning time and balance the Diving feminine and masculine energies with your body.  As you connect with Mother Earth and Father Sun you are accessing the highest potential of balanced energy available to you as a human.  Then move consciously into your Sacred Heart and tune to the crystalline transmissions emanating from the Earth’s Grid system.  Visualize the Earth Star Ascension Portal and connect your energy to the pathway that is being created for us to Ascend. Ask to release any fear, trauma, pain or unresolved anger from your body and mind.  The Whales and Dolphins are anxious to assist you in clearing all realms of your existence and begin to integrate the new multidimensional frequencies that are yours to claim.  You are becoming a “Light Being” and this is the lifetime you have waited for.  They are asking us to turn our consciousness to the truth and wisdom of Who You Really Are.  It is time to wake up and use the energy of the 12-12 that is given to everyone! 


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