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Whale Message and Consciousness Exercise
MAY 2009

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70 foot Blue Whale off the Southern California coast of Dana Point, Taken August 8, 2010 on one of our Dolphin-Whale Boat Trips - Photograph  by Hugh Clark.

The Universe is one living breathing conscious Being demonstrating inter-connectiveness and oneness.  The incarnated whales are an example of the all loving, all knowing consciousness that came to planet earth to be a steward for Gaia and for humanity.  As a species the whales and dolphins are the most spiritually and intellectually evolved souls in our world and they anchor light beamed to Earth from distant sources.  Using their Merkaba they also align with the frequency and resonance of Gaia or Mother Earth.  The whales have held the highest incarnated vibration on the planet for eons and also hold the resonance or frequency that is the heartbeat for Gaia.  We would not have survived these many years if the whales had not chosen to use their vibration to balance and steady our beautiful planet.

The end of polarity or duality is nearing.  The responsibilities the whales have held for humanity is now being shared with many humans as we awaken to our true selves and choose to take our power as children of Creator/Source.  We are reclaiming the true dreaming state of the living heart.  This is true Creatorship.  What this means is that through exercising intentional evolution we are entering into a time when thoughts will manifest very quickly into our dimensional realities.  Because many of us have chosen to awaken to the truth of our Souls journey and become conscious creators, we are now able to connect with the super sentient ancient cetaceans we call the whales. 

The whales are the ancients, the elders, and are the greatest healers we will know throughout our many journeys and lifetimes upon this planet we call Earth.  The whales ask you to call upon them often to realign your auric fields and your organ systems.  They remind you of the phrase "ask and you will receive".  It is their honor to assist us and they come in joy and in a state of bliss that can best be described as "living in Oneness with the all that is".

The whales will now speak of how living within the heart assists us in gaining consciousness while living within our physical human bodies.  The whales are offering us information and exercises to achieve "Christ Consciousness".  They are referring to the state of awareness that Jesus had while he was incarnated upon the Earth plane.

1.  Activating the Pineal gland which is the third eye:  There are two sets of four rays of light which can emanate from the pineal when intention or desire is intended in a meditative state.  Ask to activate the color receptors as well in meditation.  Eight beams of light will emanate outward.  This will form a crown or halo of energy and light around your head. 

2.  These eight beams of light will connect with the Thalamus which is located behind the Pineal.  As we evolve out of duality we will see humanity moving out of the paradigm of the immune system to that of the Thalamus.  The Thalamus connects to the roof of your mouth and the tongue and the tongue becomes the key to higher consciousness.

3.  Also in front of the Pineal the Pituitary gland is located which activates a very important chakra in front of your head.

As we look at creation there is the sphere or ovum and then the sperm enters.  Mitosis occurs and then there are two and then four and then eight cells.  When eight appear you have formed a star tetrahedron which is the key to the Merkabah.  This then mutates to form an apple shape which is hollow.  This becomes the heart.  At that stage of development in the womb our entire body is our heart.  Then the body begins to emerge from the actual heart and we observe that the tongue is the first organ to appear.  So in observing the formation of the fetus we can conclude that the tongue is the organ that is most connected to the heart.  So when one if in the sacred heart space and they use the tongue to massage the roof of the mouth with intent to connect with the Pineal and the Thalamus, alpha waves fire in the four lobes of the brain and green light appears in your auric fields.  When this is practiced and performed in a meditative state, instant manifestation or alchemy can occur.  Whatever you dream from your heart space can then become your reality.  It can change everything past, present or future in an instant.  The ability to create something from nothing is the birthright of every single being on the planet.  The whales are leading us back to the ability to remember and create in multidimensional planes.

Rub tongue side to side on the roof of the mouth.  RLRLRLR pause, LRLRLRL pause

Circle 3x clockwise and open palms and say OHM
Reverse 3 X counterclockwise and open palms and say OHM
Breathe in and you trace the infinity loop 3 x with you forefinger. 
Breathe out as you massage the 3rd eye.  Reverse exercise.

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